Te Ara Poutama

29th March 2020

Contact email for Mr Ah Kuoi - laurance@koru.school.nz or Mrs Autagavaia - Laura@koru.school.nz

25th March 2020

Kia ora students and caregivers,

Due to the Government announced shutdown, the Te Ara Poutama teachers have been working hard to prepare and organise work for home. If your child has access to a computer we will be putting school work on Google Classroom for them to complete. They also have a StudyLadder and Sumdog account. For reading your child will be able to log into EPIC using a code found on Google Classroom. Your child will know their logins and passwords as they have been accessing these sites daily at school. If your child has forgotten any of this information you may email us and we will try to respond to you in a timely manner. 

Please remember that your child's school holidays have been brought forward and begin on Monday 30th March - 13th April. Home learning will begin on the 14th of April, at this time, our teachers will have organised a way to provide online work through Google Classroom. Teachers will be available to support your child with their work for periods of time between the hours of 9 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday. We will be updating the Google Classroom work weekly. Please be patient with us and your child as we all learn to adapt to teaching and learning online, we will have many students to support and we will not always be able to reply automatically. 

If your child came to school on Monday 23rd March we sent packs of work home with students who indicated they didn't have access to a device. If your child was away yesterday we will try our best to deliver a  work pack by tomorrow afternoon to your letterbox, as long as we have the correct local address. 

Please remember that due to times being unpredictable we would love for our students to feel safe and not overwhelmed. To help with this we would like to encourage you not to try and make them work an entire school day. It is best to read with them every day, they should also spend some time writing each day - in their homework books or on Google Classroom. Supporting them with practising their times tables and basic addition and subtraction facts is also a great idea.

Please be kind and patient as we move through these uncertain times. 

Thank you and take care,

Te Ara Poutama Teachers

List of Apps your child can use online from home:

Pobble Free online writing resource that students can practice their writing and reading skills. For Year 4 - 8.
Studyladder NZ based learning website that covers all curriculum areas.
Epic Free online reading app Y0 - 8
LOGIN CODE - Tqp7378
Sign-language website NZ sign language website if students want to learn sign language.
Sunshine Online LOGIN: Koru
PASSWORD: reading
Literacy shed Videos that have comprehension questions
Go Noodle via youtube channel Thousands of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos.
Prodigy Online maths adventure game.
Code.org Great online coding app. You sign up and add in your students
Les Mills - Born to move channel via youtube Classes for kids to keep active indoors
Youtube - how-to videos Art for kids channelOrigami
Cooking channels 

List of offline activities for your child to do at home:

Writing  Diary entries
Creating a narrative
Writing instructions
Book/movie reviews 
Maths  Learn their times tables
Adding, subtracting and multiplying in 10s, 100s and 1000s
Adding to 10, 20, 100 and 1000.
Cutting up food into fractions (halves, quarters, thirds, etc). Measuring ingredients using scales
Draw a map of your house
Reading Share family stories
Make up stories together
Read picture books to younger siblings
Read Duffy books from school
Other Card games
Board games
Building using blocks, lego etc