Koru prospectus

Kia ora, Fakaalofa Iahi atu, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana.

Welcome to our school prospectus. We are here to serve our community, growing together. Our people, our place, our leaning.


Welcome to Koru School. We are a large school that provides wonderful learning opportunities for students up to Year 8. Our students are respectful, confident and proud of their school. Our school values are part of our culture, which supports essential life skills and values including resilience, respect, integrity and good manners. The school curriculum provides great support for students learning of literacy and numeracy. Have fun exploring our prospectus to find out the special features and strengths of out school.

Stan Whata


We have a very Strong Senior Learning Team.  Strong school leadership is a key factor in creating great schools.

Teachers are committed to developing their teaching practices.  They are collaborative and reflective in developing a student-centred approach to teaching. The school is well led by experienced senior leaders who work strategically to promote positive learning outcomes for students.  The school benefits from using the teacher appraisal process purposefully to embed effective teaching practices.

The school makes use of self review to inform its future direction.  Incorporating indicators of effective practice into self-review and documenting self-review outcomes should help increase the depth of evaluation and help to measure ongoing progress.

Koru School is increasing students' involvement in meaningful learning.  Students are keen and willing learners.  They have good opportunities to engage in active and relevant learning, and enjoy positive interactions.  Teachers are committed to promoting students' wellbeing and success, and the school is beginning to promote educational success in Maori, as Maori.

Our learning sits within the curriculum and this is enhanced by the organisation of our learning pods, where we have a group of teachers working collaboratively with shared responsibility for a group of students. Two pods share a learning space within our environment.

Our practice reflects our pedagogy; cultural responsiveness, inclusiveness, collaboration, mixed ability groups and cultural context, support the foundations of teaching and learning in our learning environment.

At the core our school, is our people.  The progress, innovation and success is a result of the dedication and focus of our staff, our board and our community.  As a school, we are fortunate to have the skills, attributes and strengths brought to us by our people.

School Learning

Academic Learning
All students cover the New Zealand curriculum, offering a well balanced and up to date programmes. We aim to accelerate the learning of our students especially in:

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Mathematics

Learning is highly valued at our school, as is the high expectation to success through learning.
The core of our curriculum is focused on raising the achievement of our students in reading, writing and mathematics. Our teachers are constantly striving to improve their practice for better learning outcomes.

'focused on raising achievement'


The New Shoots
Our experienced and caring teachers guide children through their first 3 years at school. We provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment where children are encouraged to ask questions and take part in hands-on activities. We have strong emphasis on teaching children to read and write, and to problem solve in mathematics.

The partnership between home and school is very important for our children’s learning. Parents are encouraged to join in with school and classroom activities.

Some of the programmes we offer in our junior school are Reading Recovery, Discovery Time, Intensive Oral Language Programme, Phonics, Pasifika Success Maths, Talk to Learn, extra support for children learning English and Individualised Programmes for children with specials needs.

'experienced and caring teachers'


The Learning Pathway
Te Ara Poutama covers year 4, 5 & 6 students. Our learning engages and inspires our students to take ownership of their individual learning pathways - guiding, supporting and helping them grow as they learn.

We have an enrichment programme called ‘Learning Detectives’ where selected students can demonstrate and extend their passion and strengths through projects that develop knowledge and skills in our focus learning areas. Each group works on different, often challenging projects, enabling students to ask more questions and enjoy exploring new learning.

Our Arts Rotation covers Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art.  The teachers and students, choose a specific arts for the term, then identify an arts workshop based on personal interest.  It is a great way for all teachers and students to get to know one another and learn creativity.

Our syndicate band provides an opportunity for students to utilize and grow their musical abilities through instruments and vocals.  Throughout the year the group is given a stage and microphones to share and display their talents.  We have many talented musicians, so auditions are held at the start of the year to select students for the band.


The Chiefs

Nga Rangatira - The Chiefs, represent the leaders in our school, our Year 7 and 8 students.  As our chiefs,we promote leadership, resilience and pride, growing learning social and developmental opportunities.  We encourage our students in Year 7 & 8 to aim for excellence  where they could receive an Honours Certificate of Excellence and a badge - areas include: reading, mathematics, leadership, sport, attitude.

Our students are expected to explore different languages.  According to the NZC, we aim to provide our students the opportunities to communicate in an additional language, develop their capacity to learn further languages and to explore different world views in relation to their own.