Prospectus & Information

Kia ora, Fakaalofa Iahi atu, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana.

Welcome to our school prospectus. We are here to serve our community, growing together. Our people, our place, our leaning.


Welcome to Koru School. We are a large school that provides a wonderful learning opportunities for students up to Year 8. Our students are respectful, confident and proud of their school. Our school values are part of our culture, which supports essential life skills and values including resilience, respect, integrity and good manners. The school curriculum provides great support for students learning of literacy and numeracy. Have fun exploring our prospectus to find out the special features and strengths of our school.

Stan Whata


We have a very Strong Senior Learning Team. Strong school leadership is a key factor in creating great schools.

Teachers are committed to developing their practices. They are collaborative and reflective in developing a student-centred approach to teaching. The school is well led by experienced senior leaders who work strategically to promote positive learning outcomes for students. The school benefits from using the teacher appraisal process purposefully to embed effective teaching practices.

The school makes use of self-review to inform its future direction. Incorporating indicators of effective practice into self-review and documenting self-review outcomes should help increase and help to measure ongoing progress.

Koru School is increasing students' involvement in meaningful learning. Students are keen and willing learners. They have good opportunities to engage in active and relevant learning. Students are keen and willing learner, and enjoy positive interactions. Teachers are committed to promoting student' wellbeing and success, and the school is beginning to promote educational success in Maori, as Maori.

Our learning sits within the curriculum and this is enhanced by the organisation of our learning pods, where we have a group of teachers working collaboratively with shared responsibility for a group of students. Two pods share a learning space within our environment.

Our practice reflects our pedagogy; cultural responsiveness, inclusiveness, collaboration, mixed ability groups and cultural responsiveness, inclusiveness, collaboration, mixed ability groups and cultural context, support the foundations of teaching and learning in our learning environment.

At the core of our school, is our people. The progress, innovation and success is a result of the dedication and focus of our staff, our board and our community. As a school, we are fortunate to have the skills, attributes and strengths brought to us by our people.


All students cover the New Zealand curriculum, offering well balanced and up to date programmes.  We aim to accelerate the learning of our students especially in:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Mathematics

We also integrate our topics through our inquiry learning process.
Learning is highly valued at our school, as is the high expectation to succeed through learning.
The core of our curriculum is focused on raising the achievement of our students through reading, writing and mathematics.
Our teachers are constantly striving to improve their practice for better student learning outcomes.

'Focused on raising achievement'


School attendance is extremely important. If your child is frequently away, they will fall behind in their studies. Please help us and your child by ensuring that they attend school regularly.

  • If your child is going to be absent you MUST contact the school as soon as possible.
  • Your child will be marked as truant on the school roll if we do not hear from you and a truancy officer may be sent to your home.
  • If your child is late to school, they will need to go straight to their pod and sign in on the tablet in their space.
  • If you intend on picking up your child early from school, please sign your child out at the Koru School office and collect a EARLY RELEASE PASS.
  • Your child's teacher is not allowed to release any children without a pass.


8:50am School day starts. Students MUST be seated in their pods by the bell.
10:50am First bell to eat morning tea. Students eat in their pods.
11:00am Second bell. Students may go outside to play, weather permitting.
11:30am End of morning tea.
1:00pm First bell to eat lunch. Students eat in their pods.
1:10pm Second bell. Students may go outside to play, weather permitting.
1:40pm End of lunch.
3:00pm School day ends. Gates are locked at 3:45pm.


  • We contact parents by telephone if their child is unwell or for various other reasons.

  • If Koru School has to close suddenly for any reason, we will notify parents by phone. We will also post this information on our website (
  • If your contact details change, please contact the school as soon as possible.


To enrol your child at Koru School:

  • Complete the enrolment form included in the Prospectus. Please note that we do have a zone policy in place.
  • We will need copies of the following:
    • Your child's birth certificate or passport.
    • If you are NOT a New Zealand citizen we must have a copy of the Visa in your child's passport (some non-residential enrolments may need approval from the Ministry of Education.
    • Proof that you live in our school zone (utility account, tenancy agreement, etc).
  • All new enrolments are interviewed with their parents/whanau. This is an information gathering exercise to ensure we get the best pod placement for your child.
  • Enrolment interviews are held on WEDNESDAYS only. Your child will not start school until the day after their interview. Please plan ahead, so that you are not disappointed on the day.

    School Zone - Our school encompasses the following:

Agar Place
Alderson Lane
Ashmore Place
Atiu Place
Athena Place
Bede Place
Bingara Place
Calthorp Place
Chine Place
Curlew Place
Donnell Avenue
Elmdon Street
Enuamanu Road
Fatefehi Street
Gadsby Road (1-57) (2-64)
Glenpark Place
Hall Avenue
Harriet Street
Harvard Place
Katatai Street
Masters Place
Molesworth Place
Morewood Lane
Pate Crescent
Pito Place
Regalwood Place
Rehua Place
Robertson Road (1-91) (60-78)
Royalpark Place
Sam Place
Shayla Place
Stardon Place
Tagata Way
Tilberg Street
Tua Place
Umu Place
Ventura Street
Walmsley Road (even number's only)
Watchfield Close
Welby Place


  • We encourage healthy eating at Koru School, so all students are expected to bring a healthy lunch to school.
  • Where encourage children to drink water where ever possible. We also supply free fruit and milk most days.
  • Any large bags of chips or fizzy drinks will be confiscated until the end of the day.
  • We also have a tuckshop where the children can order their lunches , Before¬†School only.


Students mobile phones and personal devices are not permitted at Koru School. These will be confiscated and handed back at the end of each term.


When children bring payments of any kind, please send it in a sealed envelope with the child's name, pod name, and the reason for the money, clearly labelled on the outside of the envelope. This envelope should then be given to one of their pod teachers.


During the school year, there may be times your child's photo may be taken for certain events at school. If you do not wish for your child's photo to be used, please let the school know.


Koru School is a Modern Learning Environment (MLE).  All spaces are open plan.  There are 4 Syndicates.  Within each syndicate, we have pods/classes.

  • NGA RANGATIRA (Years 7-8)


  • School Uniforms are compulsory at school. We do not expect students to start school in their uniforms, but they will need to be in uniform within 2 weeks of starting school.
  • Uniforms can be purchased online: or purchased at their store:
    Unit 5, 20  Lambie Drive, Manukau, Auckland, 2104.
  • Phone: 09 950 6747
  • Parents can choose any colour polo shirt they prefer.
  •  Please make sure your child's clothes are clearly labelled.
  • We do not sell uniforms at Koru school.


We are fortunate to have a Sports co-ordinator, who for the past few years, has helped Koru School develop a positive reputation when it comes to sport. We all know the natural physical ability our students have with sport. the talent is then utilised and developed further in PE lessons and training sessions organised by staff members who strive to equip the students with the knowledge and skills set they need leading up to a game tournament.


  • Download our free School Mobile App for your mobile phone
  • This has general school information and also receives updates for events at school
  • You can also access our contact details on the Contact Us page.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We are always happy to help!